5 of the best advanced core exercises

If you are looking to build a strong core from scratch it is going to take time. The 5 core exercise that you will see in this blog post are advanced. You should start with regressions or easier core exercises to build up your core before you trying these. When most people think about core, they think about having a 6 pack. This isn’t the case, the core is built up of many muscles. It attaches the upper body to the lower body through the spinal muscles, abdominals, upper glutes, hip flexors and the lower chest. The core exercise that I have put together us the whole of the core engaging all of the muscles that I have names above.

These movements are great to complement your training with any sport that uses your upper and lower body. If you have a strong core throughout the season you will have a strong body. It is one of the sections that’s built into every workout with me. I make sure the core is activated before we do any training. The reason for this is so that you can get the most out of other lifts and to make sure the body is protected throughout a session. As a personal trainer in Ascot I make sure that my client work on their core in there training. Not to get a six pack but to strengthen the core so that you minimise back pain and improve posture.

Barbell roll outCore movement: barbell roll out part 2

The barbell roll out is a move that is very tough on the whole body. The core it what holds it all together, if it wasn’t there your upper body would claps. This movement is great to incorporate your lats and arms. I usually add it into an upper body pull session. As mentioned above the shoulder girdle and the hip flexors are both involved.

Hanging L-sit Core movement: Hanging L-sit

This is another core exercise that used the hip flexors and the lats. This one could go in the same workout routine to accompany the roll outs. You can do these with a movement at the hip or holding the legs in an L shape. This isometric hold puts more emphasis on the anterior chain of the core.

Core exercises: Bird Dog

Advanced Bird Dog

This advanced bird dog is great for activating the core. I sometimes us this with advanced clients at the end of the warm up. You will seem really wobbly but that’s ok because it waking up the right muscles for the main workout. If you haven’t tried this one before you can break it up. Break the whole movement into two. Do the arm elevation part of the set first then do the leg elevation part of the set. Once you get comfortable try them both together.

Lunged trunk rotation Core: Lunged Trunk Rotation

This movement is great for your balance. It incorporates the whole leg and the rotation of the trunk. Lots of muscle working in this one so you need lots or concentration. It is effectively an isometric how on the lower body and a rotation on the upper body. Only try this one if you have a strong core and strong legs that can hold your body weight for a set. Otherwise, you can do this movement with the back knee off the floor.

Core exercises: Standing trunk rotationStanding trunk Rotation

If you play a sport with rotation or change of direction, you will want to try this one. Golf or tennis this one is great for you. Building up torque through the trunk so that you can create power in your swing. Make sure you have good range of motion in your back before adding weight. The mobility in your spine must be good before so that you don’t get injured. Or you can start with a shorter range of motion.

Personal trainers’ tips:

My tip for today is to start doing core exercises that use your shoulder and your hips. Stop doing the simple sit ups and start doing some great compound core exercise. If you need help with some of these movements I would seek advice from a personal trainer who will make sure that you are performing them correctly.