5 best core exercises that can be done at home

Core workouts are the best workouts to be done at home. Most core exercises are body weight and only take up the space your body takes up in a room. So they can be done anywhere, with minimal time to. If you want to get a small workout in during the day or in the evening. Instead of heading to the gym that takes 30 minutes to get to. Set up a little workout station in your living room. Select 5-6 core exercise to complete in 3 times over and get working. Making sure you do a dynamic warm up before you start. So that your body is ready for your core workout. The following exercises are my favourite and I add them into my routine.

Working out at home

Working out from home by yourself or a personal trainer can be tough. You will have to have some knowledge of what exercises to do and how to put them together. What kind of stimulus you are after will effect what you do and how you do it. It might be harder to achieve certain stimulus when at home if you don’t have weights or resistance. However, a great core workout is easy to achieve. Because it so centralised it is easy to get right. As long as you’re doing the core exercises with correct form and concentration. You could feel great after your workout. You can also get help from a mobile personal trainer in Berkshire to show you how to do the following core exercise.

 Why core work is so important throughout life

Core exercises are important throughout life because it protects your spine which attach your brain to the rest of your body. A strong core will minimise back pain and make sure you have less muscle imbalances. It will effect your balance as you get older and your body will naturally break down muscle if it’s not used throughout your years past 40. Which means you should start getting familiar with core exercise now. So that when you reach 40 you will be in the know. If you need help with core exercise, I’m always happy to give you advice and support through my personal training services.

Side plank

core exercise - Side plank

Place one elbow on the floor directly under your shoulder. Lift the hips up off the ground and maintain a straight spine, keeping your head in line with your spine too.

Dead bug

core exercise - dead bug

Lie with your back on the floor and your spine firmly pushed into the floor. Then lift your arms and knees up of the floor. Maintain right angles with your knees and straight arms. Yo can also lift your head up off the floor to engage your core more. However, if this hurts your neck you can place your head back down on the mat.

Bird dog

core exercise - bird dog

Start in a press up position but with a closer hand placement. Lift one arm off the floor and reach it out in front of you. Then you lift the opposite leg off the floor trying to maintain a balance without letting your lift drop or come to high. This supper hard and very effective when done correctly. Great core exercise for runners and sprinters.

Slow knee to chest

Core exercise - Slow knee to chest

This one you will still be in a press up position. Bring your knee it towards your chest and hold for 5 seconds on each leg. As you go along you will start to feel a burning sensation in your abdominal region. This is a good sign to show your core is engaged.

Thread the needle

Core exercise - Thread the needle

I like to do this one because it is a rotation of the trunk. Start in a press up position with your hands underneath your shoulders. Lift one arm go the floor and thread it through the other side of your body them bring that same arm up forwards the ceiling and look towards your finger tips. Repeat on each side or alternate side through the movement.

Personal trainers last note:

As a trainer I go to the gym 3 times a week, I also try and do small 10 minute core workout before I see clients. If I’m early for the session, I will set myself up for a small 10 minute routine. It helps to stimulate the core area giving you more time to focus on other exercises when in the gym itself.