Monday Meal 4: Vegan curry

Every Monday, I like to share some food that I’ve made in the week. This week it’s a vegan Curry. It can give you some inspiration and help with your own food plan. I know that many people struggle to know what to eat and what types of ingredients to buy and how they go together. Some like simple foods that are easy to make and some like to spend time in the kitchen. This little recipe will help you master both of these. So, you can go to the kitchen knowing exactly what you’re going to eat. Without and stresses or hassle of thinking what you should eat. Make this vegan curry a weekly meal and let go of over thinking your evening meals. You can change some of the ingredients in it. For example, you could have brown rice and chickpeas instead of quinoa and kidney beans.

Ingredients to get:

1 red or white onion

1 medium yellow pepper

3 garlic gloves

3 medium Carrots

1 can kidney beans

1 can coconut milk

150g quinoa

1/2 jar of curry paste

Method to use for the vegan curry:

  • Dice the onions and garlic and fry them off with some coconut oil.
  • Cut the carrot and peppers up small and add them to the pot. Fry them for around 4 minutes.
  • Once all the veg has been cooked add the 1/2 jar of curry paste to bring out the flavour.
  • After 1 minute add the coconut milk to the pan, at this point you want to put the quinoa on for 11 minutes on a slight simmer.
  • Once the quinoa is half done add the kidney beans to the pan and then after the quinoa is finished. Drain the excess water off and add it all to the same pot
  • Enjoy your meal

Why eat a Vegan/vegetarian meal?

You might think why a personal trainer might be eating a vegan based meal. Well I like to change it up once in a while. Adding different nutrition to your meals is a great way to keep the vitamin and mineral deficiencies at bay. You don’t want to be developing any of those. Many people have too much protein in their diets, not that this meal doesn’t have any protein. It does, it has all the amino acids in the quinoa and the kidney beans. Just not in the same amount as a piece of chicken. It also has a lot of nutrition that chicken doesn’t have that the body really needs.

If you have vitamin or mineral deficiencies. It could be due to the lack of variety in your day to day diet. You might want to think about adding new nutritional foods into your diet. This will benefit your body and the way it works and you won’t feel hungry for a certain vitamin or mineral.

Nutritional Support:

If you are searching for a nutritional therapist in Windsor that will listen to what your needs are. That will design you a bespoke programme taking into consideration all your needs as an individual. We have a great therapist that you should get in contact with. Get in touch today so we can discuss nutritional goal setting.