Monday Meal 1: 3 Easy ways to make a simple meal

The way you should cook your meal in the evening if you are busy working is to let the oven bake, the steamer steam and then fry of some sort of protein. These ways give you minimal preparation time and give you time to work in between

1.Use the oven to bake your food

If you use the oven to bake a sweet potato it can take up to 40 minutes which give you a time to either work for a while or prep the vegetables and protein. If you’re like me and want to maximise time working on a blog or sorting the next day. It can be a great way to start your meal. You could also add in another sweet potato for the next meal. Little bit of clever thinking for next days lunch

2. Use the steamer to steam your vegetables

Your steamer has a great way to cook vegetables and maintain it’s nutritional content. If you boil your vegetables it takes out some the nutritional content. I suggest you start steaming because it can supply your body with more vitamins. Just cut up 2-3 different types of veg and put them in the steamer. When your sweet potato is nearly done, boil the water in the steamer for 9 minutes and you will have perfect vegetables. Once its steaming you don’t have to do anything but wait for the alarm to go off.

3. Fry of some fish or meat of your choice

The last part is to fly of your fish or your meat. You can marinate it in some sauce or powder to give it some taste or you can eat it plain. Place the meat in the pan and fry until cooked. This is the only food you will have to keep an eye on because it can burn. Let face to no one like burnt food. So you will have to stay by the hob for this one unless you bake it in the oven. You would have had to put it in the over 20-30 minutes before and time it until done.

Last note:

As a Windsor based personal trainer, I train many people who find it hard to cook a nutritious meal. However, it doesn’t have to be hard at all. Like I’ve explained above. It can be effortless and you get a healthy meal. Nothing to battle with or slaving over the stove for hours on end. Just make it simple.