Obesity: what to know and how to tackle it when personal training

Obesity is a world wide problem with many people in the UK and western countries facing the same issues. There has to be something we can do about it. Many years ago we used to store fat on our bodies for the time of famine. So that we could live through the tough months of the year. However, We also used the excess fat on hour bodies as energy to go and hunt or scavenge for food. So the energy was used up for our survival. Now we have the problem of having too much choice and not having to go out hunting for our food. We can just get it delivered to the house. Making your energy expenditure during the day really low if you don’t do a manual job. This is what can make you obese.

Fat or skinny Genes

Whilst driving through Windsor with radio 4 the other day there was a scientist talking about the fat genes. He mentioned that there was a fat gene that many over weight people possess. Us personal trainers love this sort of thing because it is something we can us as a resource.The gene doesn’t tell you when your body is full so you keep eating. There is also a skinny gene. Were they did an experiment on people that were over weight and skinny.

Research found that obese people had more of the gene associated with being overweight whilst the skinny people had the gene associated with healthy thinness.

What to eat

Nutritional Professor Tom Sanders mentions that most of obesity is acquired during adulthood and is based on the environments that we live in today. When you lead sedentary lifestyles and have access to foods that are very high in calories but low in nutritional content. It is easy to see that people are getting bigger.

Health experts like myself suggest whatever your shape or genes that you have been given. To keep a healthy exercise routine and eat a healthy diet is the best way to stay away from the obesity scale.

These genes are thousands of years old, passed through generations of family members. But if you look around or into the past 100 years we were much thinner and healthier back then. Mostly because we did more exercise and we ate healthy diets.

Last note:

If you need some fitness help this year from a personal trainer or nutritional therapist. We are here to help you through the part you might find the toughest. The start, If you can get your momentum heading in the right direction you will keep on getting healthier and healthier. We train client in and around Windsor and would love to hear from you.