Monday Meal 14: Egg and chickpea Summer salad

This last bank holiday weekend has been the hottest on record. Usually when the sun starts to come out more I tend to eat less winter food. Meaning, I eat lighter foods that are still nutritious but still filling. This Summer salad is so simple to make and it can be eaten at home or take to work in Tupperware. Usually people tent to try and cut calories to lose fat and that does work. However, you need to set a clear foundations on what types of foods to eat whilst trying to lose fat. So, that your body doesn’t feel malnourished. This summer salad is perfect for this foundation building phase.

Salad ingredients to get

  • Rocket
  • baby tomatoes
  • pepper
  • chickpeas
  • eggs
  • raspberries

How to put it together:

This is so simple:

  1. Throw a large handful of rocket on a plate.
  2. Cut up the 6 baby tomatoes and 1/4 of a pepper into small edible sizes. Then place them on the plate.
  3. Drain the organic chickpeas and put most of them in a pot to keep in the fridge. Grab 2-3 tablespoons of them to sprinkle over your summer salad
  4. Add 6 raspberries to the salad and it almost done.
  5. Whist you are putting the vegetables together. The hard boiled eggs should be boiling for 7 minutes. Once they have boiled pour cold water over them and let them sit in the cold water to cool. Crack the shell off after a minute or 2. Cut them in half and place on your plate
  6. Enjoy your summer salad.

Personal trainers take away:

This is a summer salad so as a personal trainer in Ascot I believe that a summer salad should have lost of colour. It should also be very light and easy to eat. This is why I have put raspberries on top too. Whereas, you might think that a salad should only be vegetables and protein. I think if you make it interesting you will stay on track with your food plan. This means that you can add nuts and seeds and a number of other different summer fruits to your salad.

Salads are very simple dishes to make and can be put together within 10 minutes. They can have a variety of different nutrition to keep your body toped up with all the vitamins and minerals. Therefore, I make sure that all my clients are educated on nutrition. As well as having the option for work with Monica Durigon, to figure out the best nutritional plan for you.