What to know about your meal portion size

Your meal portion size can have a number of deciding factors. Which we will get into below. The first thing you need to keep in mind is that as long as you are eating a balance diet with all your vegetables, proteins and carbohydrates. You will have a healthy body with enough energy to workout and exercise. If you don’t exercise and you eat more than what your body needs especially in terms of carbohydrates. You will start to see that you’ll gain weight in the form of fat. If you exercise and eat within the above guidelines you will see that your body will maintain a healthy weight and have a lean amount of muscle to burn of the calories you’ve eaten.

Are you male or female?

One of the main thing you’ll need to understand is that usually a male will need to eat more than a female. Due to size and how our bodies are made up. However, this is a very broad statement and will be determined by the amount of exercise you do and the size of your body are an individual. You see you could have a small male and taller leaner female who will have to eat more than the smaller male.

Are you tall or short person?Meal portion size for better health

Like I mention in the above statement your height will also determine how much you eat. Taller people will eat more than shorter people, they have more area to cover and most of the time have more muscle over a taller area. Which means they are heavier. Requiring them to eat more food during the day to keep them going. As a 6′ 4” male I should know. I eat quite a lot and still don’t seem to have enough food during the day in my opinion. I have my own way of tackling this which I will get into another day.

Do you have a more muscular physique?

The more muscle you have on your body will have a big factor on how many calories you need to eat during your day. With the muscle being the way that we burn calories on our body. The more muscle you have vibrating will mean the more food you have to eat to maintain your weight. Otherwise, you’ll see that you will start to lose weight in terms of muscle and fat if you don’t eat enough.

How do you determine you meal portion size?

Your meal portion size will be determined by your goals.

  • If you want to lose fat you will have to have a gradual calorie deficit. You will also have to make sure you get all your nutrients with this deficit. Which is another aspect to think about which makes losing weight hard.
  • If you want to maintain your weight you will have to workout what your BMR (Basil Metabolic Rate) And set your eating plans to maintain your weight. This can be hard so give yourself a happy medium and you will be fine. You will also have to factor in the amount of exercise you do per day. Keep this in mind.
  • If you want to gain weight in terms of muscle you will have to workout more often and eat a different type of diet high in protein and carbs. The workout want to be anaerobic to stimulate the muscles in your body to grow.

There you have it

All the information that you should know in the simplest form so that you can make the right decisions with your food intake. If you want more information from your mobile personal trainers in Weybridge, we have a number of Nutritional therapist that we work with on a weekly basis. We know that everyone is different and will need a different plan to make progress. Keep this in mind when you are trying new workouts or trying any type of diet.