Iwan Williams (Personal Trainer)

Iwan Williams

Iwan Williams (Personal Trainer)

BSc Sport & Exercise Science; Level 3 PT; Diet Specialist

  • Nutritional Consultations and Planning
  • Online Coaching

Iwan is a qualified Personal Trainer and Diet Specialist who works with people from all walks of life. After graduating with First class honours in Sport & Exercise Science and experiencing his own health issues relating to gut health, he developed a passion for helping people to realise that everything we put in our bodies has an effect.

Wanting to develop his knowledge more on the effect that food, activity, sleep quality and life’s stressors have on us, he is now studying an MSc in Nutritional Medicine.

Iwan takes a holistic approach when creating his programmes and aims to educate people how the mind and body are linked. Realising that everyone has different needs due to their bio-individuality, time constraints, goals, preferences and familial backgrounds, he takes extra care to personalise each plan that he creates.

His previous degree has given him experience with Sports Nutrition, helping others perform to the best of their athletic abilities, whilst maintaining optimum health.

Iwan’s goal in life is to give people the tools that they need to make nutritional and physical changes, educating them on the importance of these changes, and motivating them to stick with them for life.

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